Parth Gupta

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I work in the area of machine learning and information retrieval. Currently, I am Applied Scientist with Amazon in Machine Learning team. Before this, I finished PhD thesis titled "Cross-view Embeddings for Information Retrieval" at Technical University of Valencia (UPV) and my advisors were Paolo Rosso at Technical University of Valencia, Spain and Rafael E. Banchs at Institute for Infocomm Research (I2R), Singapore. I was a member of Pattern Recognition and Human Language Technologies (PRHLT) Research Center and Natural Language Engineering Lab.

Feel free to reach out if you want to collaborate!

Research Interests

Information retrieval, machine learning, text mining, statistical natural language processing, deep-learning, data science


  • June, 2018: Invited to co-chair Demo track at CODS-COMAD 2019.
  • March, 2018: Gave an invited talk at IIT Kharagpur on Machine Learning at Amazon
  • March, 2018: Gave a couple of Guest Lectures in Machine Learning course at IIT Kharagpur (details)
  • Feb, 2018: Short paper accepted at WWW 2018
  • Jan, 2018: Attended CODS-COMAD Conference in Goa
  • Nov, 2017: Gave a talk on Deep Learning at GHCI 2017. (Details)
  • Sept, 2017: Gave a tutorial on distributed training using MXNet at Amazon India AI Summit in Bangalore.
  • March, 2017: Joined Core ML team at Amazon as ML Scientist to take on cutting-edge ML research
  • Jan, 2017: Successfully defended PhD thesis
  • Dec, 2016: Paper accepted at ECIR 2017 titled "Learning to classify inappropriate query-completions"
  • Dec, 2016: Paper accepted at Information Processing & Management titled "Continuous space models for CLIR"
  • Dec 07, 2016: Tutorial on "Deep Learning for Information Retrieval" at FIRE 2016, Kolkata, India
  • Nov 03, 2016: Visited Search team of Wikimedia Foundation, San Francisco, USA
  • Nov 02, 2016: Talk at Bay Area NLP Meetup @ Galvanize, San Francisco, USA
  • Oct 28-30, 2016: Participating in GSoC Mentor Summit at Google (Mountain View), USA
  • Set 22, 2016: PhD thesis submitted
  • June, 2016: Patent based on work at Microsoft Bing (London) has been filed at USPTO







Modeling of terms across scripts through autoencoders [pdf]
Parth Gupta
SIGIR 2014 Doctoral Consortium (Gold Coast, Australia)

English-to-Hindi system description for WMT 2014: Deep Source-Context Features for Moses
Parth Gupta, Marta Costa-jussà Ruiz, Rafael E. Banchs, Paolo Rosso
The 9th ACL WMT workshop on Statistical Machine Translation, ACL 2014 (Baltimore, USA)

On Dimensionality Reduction Techniques for Cross-Language Information Retrieval [pdf]
Parth Gupta
Future Directions in Information Access Symposium (FDIA) in Conjunction with European Summer School in Information Retrieval (ESSIR), FDIA@ESSIR, 2013 (Granada, Spain)

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